Interview with Dan McFadden, Vice President of Animal Wellness


If you’re like me, then you are curious as to what exactly MicrocynAH is and how it can help me and my pets. Well I asked Dan McFadden, Vice President of Animal Wellness a few questions and his answers are fascinating. See below and pick up your bottle of MicrocynAH today.

What exactly is MicrocynAH?
MicrocynAH is a hypochlorous acid (HOCl) formulation, which is very similar in nature to what the body’s own immune system creates on demand when it encounters a foreign pathogen (bacteria, virus, spore or fungi) in the body. The immune system’s neutrophils undergo an “oxidative burst” and create the solution, which in turn envelops the bacteria and destroys its cell wall.

How can I use MicrocynAH on my pets?
How can you not? It can be used anywhere there’s a cut, rash, injury or infection. Even in the eyes and ears.

Is MicrocynAH something I should own or just veterinarians?
MicrocynAH enables consumers to treat those more minor cuts, scratches, infections, hot spots, rain rot, etc. without necessarily having to visit a vet. Of course, if symptoms persist, always contact your vet.

Why is MicrocynAH better than competing brands?
MicrocynAH excels due to its excellent shelf stability. HOCl is by it’s very nature highly unstable, Thus, MicrocynAH’s superior shelf life of two-plus years guarantee an efficacious product if it’s within the expiration date on the bottle. Many competitive products may claim two years shelf life, when in fact it may be less than a year.

Where can I pick up a bottle of MicrocynAH?
Tractor Supply, PetSmart, Pet Food Express, Pet Supermarket, Natural Pawz and many independent pet specialty stores.

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